Science Club

We are living in the world of science. In this modern world a country can develop only through the scientific and technological development. So each and every student should realize the development and changes that occur in the field of science. For this purpose we organized a science club.
We have a well organized and energetic science club. It runs smoothly because of the valuable advice of our principal, co- operation of our teachers and the interest and dedication of our students. All students of Std VII - X are the active members of this club. All members participate actively in the science club activities by maintaining bulletin board, making models, publishing science magazine, preparing science albums, collecting various scientific information, celebrating important days that are related to science like World Environment day, Ozone Day etc. As a part of science club activities we also conduct quiz, exhibition, seminar, debate, field tip, interviews etc. We hope all these activities help to develop a scientific and a creative attitude in our children.