Nature Club

Education is the all round development of the students. Curricular and co-curricular activities are included in education. Life and environment are interdependent. Every organisms lives in the midst of various living and non-living things, events and influences the totality of which constitutes the environment.
Nature club is a part of co-curricular activities. The ultimate aim of the nature club is to develop a scientific attitude towards the nature and also to create love for the nature. We inaugurated the nature club on June 5th, The World Environmental Day. The club was inaugurated by planting trees by our Res. Principal Rev. Sr. Claris SABS followed by the nature club members. Every week we conduct a meeting and do several activities like discussions, seminars, debates, quiz, current affairs etc. We also celebrate the important days related to the environment. As a part of nature club activities we also conduct field trips. We hope all these activities help to develop a scientific and creative attitude in our children.