Welcome to Bishop Kurialacherry Public school
1. The school has arranged boats and bus in all directions. Students who want to make use of the bus will have to inform the office at the time of admission.
2. Students are to be at the boarding point 5 min. before the schedule time. The bus or boat will not wait for the late comers.
3. Notice is to be given before discontinuance of the school bus or boat. Any change of boarding point should be made known to the office on time.
4. If the school bus or boat fails to come on any day on account of some unforeseen difficulty, the student should come by other means. No complaints will be entertained on such issues.

Transportation Facility

(i) Own Buses Yes, 5
(ii) Buses hired on contract basis Nil
(iii) Details of transport charges Ranging from Rs.300/-  t0 Rs.900/- from different boarding position on monthly basis


Library Facilities

(i) Size of Library in sq. feet : 80x20
(ii) No. of Periodicals : 15
 (iii)  No. of Dailies  3
(iv) No. of reference books in class-wise : 600
(v) No. of Magazine : 10
(vi) Others : 3280


Libraries are treasure - troves. Books, it is said, are man's best companions. Ruskin compares books to king's treasures in his famous book 'Sesame and Lilies'
The school library provides information and ideas that are fundamental to functioning successfully in today's information and knowledgebased society. The school library equips students with lifelong learning skills and develops the imagination, enabling them to live as responsible citizens. Without a library, a school is like body without soul.
Our school has a big library. It is situated in a separate building and is surrounded by a green grassy lawn. It has a large reading room and two big rooms for storing books. There is another small room. It is meant exclusively to store newspapers, journal and magazines, which are there on separate stands and papers, where us the books are arranged subjectwise in neat shelves. The name of the subject and that of the language are written on the almirahs.
Our library contains thousands of books on literature, history, geography, science, social science, sports, etc. There are scriptures of a number of religions of the world, the Reader, Encyclopedia, the Encyclopedia Britannica etc. There are books on art, creative writing, translated works etc. There are books on health care etc. There are two sections - one section for students and the other for reference books for the teachers. Our library provides proper seating arrangement. It is very helpful for the students to sit and read comfortably.

Bishop kurialancherry public school is a fully fledged institution with a conducive atmosphere that is child friendly and eco friendly. The school has well equipped labs for both science subjects and computer.
Our School Lab owns lab provisions essential for educational experimentation, educational research, and professional development. Lab serves students in grades 1-10 that are struggling to achieve academic success in a traditional classroom environment. These labs have facilitated the interactive teaching techniques and have given the opportunity to our students to explore the world of interactive learning. Our lab activities help children to comprehend the concepts better and sharpen their alertness. Each individual student gets attention from well qualified and experienced teachers