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Band Troop

Debating Club

   Debate Club's mission is to promote and facilitate educated discourse within the school by teaching its members the mechanics of the formal debate and hosting public debates which pertain to the interests of the student body. A speech and debate club can be excellent means to give young people practice in public speaking, listening and note taking as well as a host of other skills and for that we formed a debate club that hosts debates in campus concerning the local, national or campus issues. Throughout the year there are a number of public debates.

Mathematics Club

Mathematics is the science of all sciences and art of all arts. It is the pivot of all the science and arts. It may be a back-stage performer, but is a very powerful one. So Mathematics Club's main aim is to arouse and maintain students' interest in mathematics. Every weekend we conduct a meeting and several activities like mathematical games, experiments, discussions and debates. Once in every semester we conduct lectures by experts from outside. We organize mathematical competitions such as quiz, preparing models and charts etc. We arrange mathematical shows and exhibitions. In addition to all, it cooperates with other clubs and societies in the school functions.

Social Science Club

Social Science Club enhance the knowledge of old histories about the political and socio - economic status of different countries. It also plays an important role in the socio - cultural development of new era. For this same reason we formed the social science club. In order to get extra knowledge from this purpose, each class is divided in to different groups. On the basis of these groups students are allowed to put various information related to current affairs, environmental activities, law and orders, news etc. This club serves the function of lying together the main ideas raised in the society. This attempts to enhance this endeavour by giving higher priority and space to opportunities for contemplation and wondering, discussion in small groups and activities requiring hands on exercise.

Nature Club

Education is the all round development of the students. Curricular and co-curricular activities are included in education. Life and environment are interdependent. Every organisms lives in the midst of various living and non-living things, events and influences the totality of which constitutes the environment.
Nature club is a part of co-curricular activities. The ultimate aim of the nature club is to develop a scientific attitude towards the nature and also to create love for the nature. We inaugurated the nature club on June 5th, The World Environmental Day. The club was inaugurated by planting trees by our Res. Principal Rev. Sr. Claris SABS followed by the nature club members. Every week we conduct a meeting and do several activities like discussions, seminars, debates, quiz, current affairs etc. We also celebrate the important days related to the environment. As a part of nature club activities we also conduct field trips. We hope all these activities help to develop a scientific and creative attitude in our children.

Science Club

We are living in the world of science. In this modern world a country can develop only through the scientific and technological development. So each and every student should realize the development and changes that occur in the field of science. For this purpose we organized a science club.
We have a well organized and energetic science club. It runs smoothly because of the valuable advice of our principal, co- operation of our teachers and the interest and dedication of our students. All students of Std VII - X are the active members of this club. All members participate actively in the science club activities by maintaining bulletin board, making models, publishing science magazine, preparing science albums, collecting various scientific information, celebrating important days that are related to science like World Environment day, Ozone Day etc. As a part of science club activities we also conduct quiz, exhibition, seminar, debate, field tip, interviews etc. We hope all these activities help to develop a scientific and a creative attitude in our children.

English Club

The mission of the English Club is to promote mainly speaking, reading and writing through a variety of events, activities and games. English learning is made easy through fun and games without any pressure to perform as all of us have once acquired our mother tongue.
Members of the English Club gather together once a month. It starts with an introductory meeting. The leader for the next month is selected. He/ She decides and organize the programmes and activities for the next month. Reading books and talking about what they liked about the book, bridging the gaps in basic grammar, games to improve their vocabulary, debates, speeches etc are some of the activities.
The club paves a way to new lasting friendship and positive energy.

Quiz Club

The Quiz Club aims at developing a healthy competitive spirit among the student of different classes. It conducts a wide range of programmes like debates, inter school Quiz contest etc. The motto is to equip the students to participate in various inter school and general programmes, though it took up other activities later. Each quiz meeting covers questions on wide variety of topics like world, India, music, history, geography, science, maths, sports, cartoons and so on.